November 18, 2017

Release Announcement! Afterglow by Maria Monroe

Afterglow - Ebook

Title: AfterglowAuthor: Maria MonroeGenre: Post Apocalyptic Romance Release Date: July 13th, 2016 Who knew the apocalypse could be so sexy? Nina can shoot a gun, start a fire, and kick some serious ass. So when a killer virus and solar storm decimate the country, she’s as prepared as possible to survive. She just needs a […]

Release Announcement! Sunset Sail (The Caliendo Resort – Book 3) by Shannyn Leah

Sunset Sail

Title: Sunset Sail Author: Shannyn Leah Series: The Caliendo Resort Book #3 Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance Release Date: June 28th, 2016 The Cohen Cruise Line and Caliendo resort are merging. Emma Caliendo and her sister, Izzy, set sail on the maiden voyage to be two of the faces of this new resort venture. Izzy is […]

Release Announcement! Sunset Rivalry (By The Lake – The Caliendo Resort – Book 2) by Shannyn Leah

Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah

Title: Sunset RivalryAuthor: Shannyn LeahSeries: By The Lake – The Caliendo Resort Book #2 Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance Release Date: April 19th, 2016 Anya Caliendo left her family and their resort two years ago. She was ashamed and afraid that her family would blame her for some of their father’s ruthless dealings. Now she returns […]

Release Announcement! Her Millionaire Master by Maria Monroe

Her Millionaire Master  by Maria Monroe

Title: Her Millionaire Master Author: Maria Monroe Genre: Contemporary Romance Release: March 31st, 2016 When graduate student Bella James agrees to house sit for her wealthy neighbor, Kane Calhoun, he makes it clear that he expects her to respect his privacy. After curiosity gets the better of her, however, she manages to spill the darkly […]

Release Announcement! Gavin (A Redemption Romance – Book 3) by Anna Scott

Gavin Ebook Web

Eight years ago, Dawn put it all out there, she laid her heart at Gavin’s feet only for him to reject her.
Now, he wants her back, the amazing friendship they once shared and all that she offered him that one fateful night.
Theirs is a long journey, full of pitfalls, misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Eight years is a long time, they’re different, changed in so many ways, how will they find their way back to each other; especially, when one of them is fighting to keep her heart safe?
It takes real courage to open up, to share wholly with another person, and to love without reservations.
Will Gavin be able to win her back?
Can Dawn trust him not to break her again?

Release Announcement: BloodLust (Rise of the Iliri – Book 1) by Auryn Hadley

BloodLust cover1a small

Title: BloodLust
Author: Auryn Hadley
Series: Rise of the Iliri – Book 1
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Release Date: April 2nd, 2016

Release Announcement! Luke (A Redemption Romance – Book 1) by Anna Scott

Luke Ebook Web

Title: Luke Author: Anna Scott Series: A Redemption Romance – Book 1 Genre: Contemporary Romance Re-Release Blitz: March 29-April 3rd Luke realizes through tragedy, that life is too short to stay away from the woman he’s loved for years. Aurora has been hurt, she’s been abandoned by everyone she’s ever loved. How can she give […]

Release Announcement! Pieced Together (Broken Pieces – Book 2) by Kelly Moore


Title: Pieced Together Author: Kelly Moore Series: Broken Pieces Series – Book 2 Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 29th, 2016 Kyren couldn’t get over killing Brogan’s father, even though he did it to save her. The demons of his own past took control, and he left her when she needed him most. In the […]

Release Announcement! Fearless (McIntyre Security Bodyguards – Book 2) by April Wilson

Fearless - ebook cover - medium

The eagerly awaited sequel to Vulnerable is now here! “Fearless” is a sexy suspense romance that’s sure to keep you turning page after page!

Release Announcement! Bound By Steel (A Suspense Romance Novel) by Connie Lafortune

Bound by Steel

Title: Bound by SteelAuthor: Connie LafortuneGenre: Contemporary/Suspense RomanceEdited by: Peter Gaskin Cover Design by: Hang Le Release Date: March 19th, 2016 Lyra Harper I was driving home to spend the holidays with my family. But I lost control of my vehicle on an icy mountain road. I slammed into a tree on the edge of […]